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Friday, May 2, 2014

I Feel Good

One substitute I like for sweets.
So far it feels pretty good, day 2, no sugar. Except: At about 9:45 p.m., I was bagging up the Easter basket candy [who are these odd creatures who leave Easter candy around without devouring it?], came across one small Lake Champlain Chocolates egg wrapped in fine Italian green foil and ate that. But in the state I'm in, I didn't even really taste it.

So far, successful substitutes for sweet, junky, empty treats that only lead to more sweet, junky, empty treats:
  • Black Jewell microwave popcorn.
  • Chopped, unpeeled Granny Smith apple, sprinkled with organic cinnamon, microwaved 3-4 minutes and eaten with some nuts and either yogurt or oatmeal.
  • Soft pretzels [bought a box of the frozen ones].
  • Iced coffee with half and half and Equal.
  • Monkey shake, with banana, pb, ice, one cup or so of milk.
  • Speaking of milk, a goblet of nice cold local whole milk. True treat.
  • Real meals that curb cravings for empty sugar---today mozzarella and garden-fresh pesto on chewy baked bread from the Montclair Bread Company on Walnut Street.
  • Berries for dessert. Helps that they've been on sale. Raspberries and blackberries are pricey.
How about you? Do you eat sugar? Have you swapped in healthier choices? I'd love to hear what they are. I know my friend Nan likes berries with crème fraîche [or is it mascarpone, Nan?] but so far, I haven't been so good at not overeating the rich crème fraîche.

I'm really tired now. All this change takes a lot of energy. Like pushing a locomotive ;)  So does policing a small child who had to be picked up from school by 12:15 today because Child Services licensing person came at 12:30 for lengthy appt./inspection and had to have Punchy here, too. Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Private Benjamin.
  3. Nap in A.C. Yes, I even have hot flashes now.
  4. Grocery-shopped at 9 p.m. so I'd have what I need for breakfast--lox, bagel [have half], etc.--and snacks tomorrow.


  1. Yay you on the sugar! I just did a sugar detox myself.

    I would caution to not substitute too much bread/pasta/potatoes for sugar. But I don't think its possible to overeat fruit even though it has sugar.

  2. You know what, Alice? I am going to do this with you... things have been out of control for me (grief eating) and it's time that I reigned it in. I will try to remember to post how I did each day. Love, Linda

  3. It IS exhausting, these changes, even when they're healthy. I have not given up sugar, but I am keeping it in check as much as I can. Fruit, of course. As one of my WW facilitators once said, "No one got fat eating fruit." Sometimes I like to gussy it up though (a la your apple). I like a sprinkle of powdered ginger on sliced pears, for instance. I do like to macerate not-quite ripe berries with sugar and a dash of fresh lemon juice, but I use very little sugar (a teaspoon for a big family-size bowl) and none when the berries are very ripe. Roasting or BBQing fruits brings out a caramel-y goodness. Fresh pineapple is to die for on the BBQ. We skewer them like shish-kebabs. You can get the roasted, melty goodness of cobblers and crumbles without the topping, by roasting stone fruits. Yummy with yogurt or in oatmeal. I find that roasting veggies or BBQing them also deepens the natural sweetness in them and goes a long way in compensating for the other goodies. And smoothies of all kinds is a great easy breakfast and/or snack. I like non-fat yogurt as the base, whirred with a dash of milk and chunks of frozen fruit (mango is yummy, as are berries. Trader Joe's has nice frozen mango chunks). Just make sure the frozen fruit you buy isn't sweetened. Sometimes I add to the blender a dash of honey or OJ or a bit of Equal (the latter not a healthy swap-out, I'll admit and one I'm trying to break) to just give a touch of sweetness. Finally (and this is long!!!! sorry!!!). I'm really getting to the point that when I do eat goodies, I really try to pick the best. An excellent piece of dark chocolate vs. crappy candy, for instance.

  4. Wow you guys are the greatest. Thank you for your answers. Lin I will check in on your blog. I hear you re grief eating, Nan thanks for the warning about excess carbs and so cool you did a detox. Kim, Kim! A beautifully constructed food sidebar could not be any better in the finest magazine. Sounds delicious. I want to try roasting stone fruits; that sounds yum. And I'm so impressed with your steady weight loss. Excellent ! Thanks guys. Love Alice

  5. Well, you know Alice, corn can be tricky! xoxo

  6. i know, Kim!!! i think of that all the time, it is so funny!!!! and also, whenever I cut an avocado, i remember taking the subway to you and F's apt after work before you were married, and you making delicious bumblebee tuna and serving in avocado halves. it was so good. love alice xoxoox haven't checked dates yet, but will

  7. Smoothie: banana, six or so frozen strawberries (I buy big bags of them at Costco), 1/2 cup of 2% fat Greek yogurt, one cup of water.

  8. Hey, Celia...thanks.....Interesting to add a cup of water. i guess since you are adding frozen berries, instead of me adding to you and yours alice