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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Working Hard on Anthony's Life Story--and He is in Hospice Now

I'm stitching together the threads of an interesting life.....mischievous young altar boy in Brooklyn Heights [he drank the wine twice], Franciscan monk, married man and father of four, controversial player in NYC standardized testing controversy in the 1970s, daring businessman traveling the world, dean at Touro College. But now Anthony is in hospice. I'm dancing as fast as I can. It's a big responsibility to reveal all the chapters of someone's life, especially when you are a stickler for details and accuracy, like I am. Anthony entrusted me with his tale, so his grandchildren can read it. But I have a feeling others will want to read it, too. I'm in touch with his daughters; Danielle is here from Ohio. Time's a ticking, her sister said Monday. And of course this is someone's idea of a funny joke to slam me right now with a horrible head cold and raging fever--my cheeks feel like they're on fire. I want a Mom to watch over me. More to come.

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