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Friday, June 13, 2014

$32 for Drudgery

Now I remember why I swore I'd never do another yard sale.

I was up at 7:18 to schlep stuff, the sale was from 9 to 4 and I made $32. I owed $10 of that to Jean, who paid for my yard sale permit at Town Hall. And four of us still have to split the $60 fee for very short ad in The Montclair Times plus $7.50 for Baristanet ad.

Tomorrow the weather will be better, but this is exhausting. 

I should stick to writing for a living.

On a bright note, tonight H. and I went to a teachers' toast in honor of Punch's kindergarten teacher at Nishuane School, the amazing and golden-hearted Mary Paolazzi and her wonder team of Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Goldsack and Ms. Warren. They're angels. We just can't see their wings. I mean it. Nice to sip margaritas and eat guacamole in honor of them in a beautiful Montclair home.

Grateful. Good night.


  1. Alice it was so nice to sit and chat with you. That guacamole was insane!!! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Hey Kim I keep thinking of your great yard sale! That's my pie in the sky goal. Mary, yay, thanks so much for the note. Love Alice