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Saturday, June 14, 2014

$160 + Change Today in Hard-Earned Tag Sale Loot

I don't know if this dresser was pine, but it was in H.'s Brooklyn studio apartment when we were dating. I remember falling in love with him, and noticing the unusual drawer pulls.

The covered casserole on top was a castaway from Sis and the blue flowers were from my garden. Total price to the lady in the black velour pants for all of that: $14. Unbelievably cheap, right? But we just wanted to move stuff. This is in front of my friend/neighbor Jean's house. 

Sales tip for future: Take iPhone fotos of items, like a prospective customer might. I was taking this one for my blog and the lady ran up to say, Wait, I want that dresser!

  1. Support group.
  2. A lot of water.
  3. About to take bath. Feel yard-sale grungy.

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