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Monday, June 2, 2014

My Petite Fur BFF

Sugar standing by Punchy's artwork.
Sugar is French, so she's temperamental....inherently chic....has a bit of a self-satisfied air...our friend Michael calls her sucre, which I love!!! Anyway, I'm grateful for her. She's 10. And she's ours, for better or worse. We're not watching someone else's baby without the knowledge of how the story will end.

Life has been running away and I can't catch it...workwise, houseworkwise, friendwise, familywise, healthwise. That scares me and makes me feel anxious [or motionless], mournful, less than. I've barely spoken to Sis for days.

It helps to live in the moment. Today after school, I drove over and picked Punchy up at 3:35 instead of her taking the bus and getting home 40 minutes later......we went right to the playground, and she swung and climbed trees with a classmate......we stayed till 4:45, then picked up family dinner from Watchung Deli.....she loved her first Angry Dwarf sandwich, which we split.....I tried to talk to Figgy but got stonewalled....again....I smoothed out health insurance confusion....again....just another day in paradise, as the song goes.

Good night to you.

  1. I don't like to skip boot camp, but I did. I've had tubers for candy-striped and hot orange dahlias on my kitchen counter for weeks and couldn't get around to planting them. The weekends are a balance of doing things with Punch and being exhausted from doing them. So I stayed home from boot camp and weeded and gardened for an hour.
  2. Fresh air and sunshine, while Punchy played after school. As she sat on a branch high up in an old tree, I asked her, Does the world look different from up there? It must be quite peaceful.

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