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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Article Archive: Rhapsody in Blue

As a lifelong cookie-tin collector, I adore the way Jules Duffy grouped these antique blue tins together, next to vintage yellows.
So pacific and soothing.
Please check this article I wrote for the summer issue of Asp1re Magazine about a designer who loves blue--and a magic old sea-blue chest that inspired a is the LINK.

Her workspace features a little shopping area, so that was a fun assignment....

Guilty as charged: I caught Jules Duffy's blue mood and bought this perfect piece of genuine Wedgwood, about 5" in diameter, from her shelves. Love it in my office.


  1. Great article, Alice--and what a lovely home!

  2. I always enjoy what you do for Asp1re!

  3. thank you, Kim and Lin.......yes, such a beautiful home....i see so many beautiful would think it would inspire me to clean up some dustballs....;) love alice