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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Day at the Lake in Maine

Punchy, left, with her cousins.

Figgy. The sweater says STAY RAD.
Fig and her cousin Taylor, a good friend and cohort since babyhood.

Colby and Kyle being pulled by the boat.
H. and his mom, Mary Hurley, mother of five sons and one daughter.
  1. Bought a jar of Bee Silk deep moisturizing creme at the Belfast Co-op. The rich potion contains honey, and is, according to the label, 'Lightly scented from plants bees love: Lavender & Camomile for relaxation. Neroli & Geranium to alleviate stress. Rose & Ylang Ylang for emotional uplifting. Pink Grapefruit for a youthful look.' All that in a jar for under $20? I'm in. Plus,a  portion of profits go to Honeybee Research Fund. It felt good to apply on face, under eyes and on hands today. The website for the New Hampshire company is
  2. Sat out on chair a bit, looked at lake, considered the creatures we've seen and heard in and around it over the years: loons, bald eagle, bullfrogs. Watched water lap gently against small patch of sandy beach.

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