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Friday, July 4, 2014

OK, Enough with the Solitude Already

It's after 10, still pouring and I'm alone in an ancient cabin at the edge of the bay. I want my family back! But I just learned via Figgy text that they stopped at Walgreens* to get the baby powder I asked for hours ago. I think I could cook up a good mystery novel here. ;) The front screen door closes with an old metal hook...why didn't I take up my brother- and sister-in-law's earlier offer to go get a drink?

*I guess Walgreens is our odd holiday spot. I went there in Boca Raton on Christmas Day a couple of years ago with H.'s cousin Mary Jane, after church. We bought cheese and crackers and I forget what else...I don't think anything else was open. And now H. and Fig went to Walgreens on Fourth of July in Maine. Sacrilegious perhaps.

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