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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leaving Paradise

This isn't my bike, though it looks just like it. I love the basket brimming with geraniums.

Will report more later. I loved it. Walked around Main Street and ate lunch at Silver's. The restaurant was established 1923 and the BLT was about $21 [!]) but a. I had to eat and needed a bathroom and b. it was served on toasted Eli's bread with nice summer tomato and giant, crisp romaine lettuce leaves.

After spending a leisurely four hours exploring shops and lunching [and getting my makeup done at Trish McEvoy, by pretty Jennifer], I found a spot at the free Road D beach at 3:45, put my chair in the sand, my feet and hands in the water and then curled up and rested until 7:15. Heaven on a glorious beach. [If I'd gone to Cooper's Beach, the only other one available if you don't have a town permit, it would have been $40. Yikes.]

Keep thinking of Nan and Kim, who grew up on Long Island. How liovely--and how far is Bellport from here?

Have to hop back on the highway home.

All typos due to missing reading glasses.


  1. From Southhampton, we are 40 minutes west, but a straight shot on Sunrise Highway. Southampton is lovely, though I fear it's gotten a smidge crowded. Bellport doesn't have nearly the commercial oomph, like not even close. We are much more a small town, but we do have a lovely dock, bay area and a heavenly strip of beach across the bay on Fire Island. It's really a touch of small town paradise.

  2. Bellport is sometimes known as the Unhampton, and the beach as Ho Hum Beach, in a prideful expression of our lack of glamour.

    A guy I dated after high school had a job as gardener at some of the big Southhampton properties, and we sometimes snuck around the grounds at night to gawk at the lifestyles of the rich and famous before going dancing in Westhampton Beach bars.

    More recently, my friends daughter ran in the Hampton's marathon, and I was the native guide in our ground support crew, before, during, and after the race.

  3. I loved hearing your replies Kim and Nan!!!! About where Kim went with her friends and to Silver 's with Doris and Nan, all about your adventures with gardener. Wow. Sounds like Great Gatsby. Kim and Nsn, thank
    You. I wanted to write back last nite but got lost somehow at JFK and then
    Bronx. Got off LIE by accident. Love Alice