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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello from Southampton Chamber of Commerce

First stop on my way into the village: This famous bakery.
Here I am on Main Street. If I thought Nantucket, Martha 's Vineyard, Greenwich and Madison Avenue were tony and upscale, boy, was I missing the Hamptons on my list. More to tell later. Right now grateful the Chamber of Commerce staff is graciously letting me in this village building to recharge my phone. 

"Is there a Starbucks here to charge it?" I asked a young police officer in training. "No, there's no Starbucks here. They don't want a Starbucks here."

Got it. Meanwhile, a guy just came in and inquired about Kardashian sightings around here....


  1. Oh, yes, the Hamptons are the very epitome of tony!

  2. Kim did you go there often ? Did your parents?

  3. Once in a while, my Mom would drive out with us to shop and grab lunch (also at Silvers!). And once in a while, I'd go out with my friends Mary and Michelle to do the same. But not that often...I'd say maybe once a year, or once every other. Friends and I hit Westhampton much more often (closer) and the county beach at the end of Dune Road, Cupsogue. We did that in our teens and 20s quite frequently.