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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rolling: Boyhood

Boy and Dad, played tenderly by Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke.
Loved the film "Boyhood," which follows a boy from age 6 to 18. And since no boy is an island, it follows his family, too. I read that the director, Richard Linklater, filmed the whole crew for a three- to four-day shoot every year.

Patricia Arquette is powerful as his mother. Also attractive, with beautiful, flashing blue-green eyes and hairstyles and fashion choices that change radically over the 12 years. Ethan Hawke is lovable and wise as the dad. Together, they're good parents, parents who really try, even though they don't live under the same roof.

The movie takes place in Texas, a universe unto itself, and in real life, Hawke hails from Austin...his parents divorced when he was 5. He is pure joy to watch in this film and good-looking. Ethan Hawke, where have you been all my life? He projects authenticity, from the Texas cowboy boots he wears so well to the conspiratory, easy-going way he talks to his kids. At one point, he addresses his teen son as "my fine feathered friend"--made me crack up. Want to use that on Figgy sometime. After all, these teens really are birds of another feather.

The movie is almost 3 hours long, but H. and I really liked it. We saw it at the AMC Theatre in Times Square Wednesday, because it was only playing in NYC then. But as of last night, it's here in Montclair.

Good night to you.

  1. Went to Weight Watchers meeting. Scale moving in right direction. Bought cookbook of family recipes at meeting, and it has lots of good dinners and desserts. Got ingredients to make bean enchiladas tomorrow.
  2. Support group. Connected with good people.
  3. Breathed deep for a few moments at town pool, looked up at sky, when I took Punch and her pal River for a swim. [Love that name.]
  4. After, they wanted pizza and ice cream. I got one plain slice and didn't get ice cream, except had a few spoons of Punchy's as it melted. Hard to overeat on blue cotton candy flavor.


  1. How are you liking WW? It has always worked for me (when I actually stick to it). I do not like counting points so I have been doing Simply Filling with reasonable success. Good luck. Love, Linda

  2. Hi Lin. I like it so far. Doing simply filling. Only week
    2 so far. I like that potatoes and cream if wheat are on the list but the bigger challenges are like tonite when pizza and bday cake came into the house. Hard. Love al

  3. Celia, as the mother of a boy, you surely brought a different bird's-eye view.....that I wouldn't have....sending love. and annie moved into stuyvesant town apt today. i didn't tell you until it actually happened. dan and marc moved stuff in with her today.....she will live with her cousin and another alice

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  5. I really, really want to see Boyhood, although I am afraid of how much I will cry. :) Alice, now that you like Ethan Hawke, I'm going to recommend the trio of movies he did with Julie Delpy, in case you haven't seen them. They're Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. I love them, although they get harder to watch as time goes on ... that's kind of the whole point.