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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Rain in Maine Is Mainly Falling Now

View from our Wonderview Cottage.
So lovely to be right on the bay. We walked down the staircase and waded in the water, saw mountains in the mist and a schooner on the horizon, scanned the sandy bottom for crabs, alive and dead.

Punch enjoyed organizing her dresses and shorts on the little hanging rack, and putting her socks and underwear in the old wood bureau drawer.

Then we drove into downtown Belfast, about 5-10 minutes away, where we stopped at some of my favorite stores:
  • Brambles, on Main Street. I bought Sis a gorgeous amaryllis here in December. It traveled in our hatchback to Connecticut and bloomed and bloomed for her. I have several cherished clay flowerpots in my office from this garden shop. Today I bought another. I love owner Lisa's taste. She even has reels of dreamy ribbons for sale by the yard.
  • Colburn Shoe Store, a few doors up on Main Street. Billed as the oldest shoe store in America, we stepped in because Punchy needed a new pair. She got wood clogs with hot pink ankle straps and I also got flip flops for her and me, and soft socks for Figgy. Mine [purple with starfish jewels, not as tacky as they sound] were on sale, and so were Punch's kiddy sunglasses.
  • The Belfast Co-op. This High Street store is my favorite shopping playground [well, next to Bergdorf's, and quite the opposite]. I love all the local brands*--breads, brownies, milk, cheese, yogurt, Fiddler's Green Farm hot cereal and baking mixes. I like to get at least one of the mixes every time I visit, and sometimes for gifts, too. I stash a gingerbread mix in my freezer; it keeps a long time. Today, I bought a sack of Fiddle Cakes Pancake Mix. I just noticed now that it's wheat-free [contains corn, etc.]. Have to decide whether to make them vegan or not [for Figgy]. I don't think I will, because I forgot to get oil, and therefore will be frying them in melted butter. And we got a ton of vegan stuff for her there, anyway. She loved the vegan burger the kitchen makes and serves warm and we bought a block of tofu, orange ginger tofu, Tofutti, Pink Lady apples, bananas, Thai peanut noodles, jasmine rice, almond milk, fresh spinach, sweet Maine strawberries, Love Crunch granola, mozzarella-style dairy-free cheese, Coconut Bliss mock ice cream, etc. etc. I even got myself some cute socks: Pact sweatshop-free organic cotton socks. The company gives up to 10 percent to a non-profit partner that makes a positive impact. I scooped up lilac anklets with red lace trim, $8.
H.'s brothers Dave and John stopped by today, and we had dinner in Belfast with his brother Pat and Martha, who made delicious pad Thai at their home. 

Better get a good night's sleep. My mother-in-law coming by to visit about 9:30 a.m. The rain held off, but it's pouring now. I will open the windows and listen to the rain dance.

Sleep well.

*Two local brands I tried today: Belfast-based Be Kind Chocolates--Figgy loved the vegan coconut needhams, four for $5.25. And a quart Ball glass jar of maple Greek yogurt from The Milkhouse in South China, Maine, $7.49 plus $3 bottle deposit.

  1. Washed face, applied sunscreen [it was sunnier earlier in the day]. Have been neglecting my skin. I have so much room for self-improvement.
  2. Sat on a rock in the water as the tide came in and Punch sat on my lap or dug in the sand.
  3. Ate fruits and vegs.
  4. Polished my nails using Deborah Lippmann 'Fashion' color. Feel more....polished.
Selfie Figgy took on my iPhone.


  1. It looks (and sounds) so nice and relaxing there. Have a great time! Love, Lin