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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vegan Piccata and a Jug of Goat Milk

Dark, delicious reading.
It's Labor Day Weekend, and Figgy called H. to say she left the Kurt Vonnegut book she was reading here--and wouldn't it be nice to go into NYC to take her and her two roommates out to dinner?

She heard about a great vegan restaurant so we tried it out--Blossom on Carmine Street. It was good except the bill climbed to $218 [counting tip] for the five of us, and that made me nervous. [Only H. had alcohol--a glass of wine.]

Also, some things were excellent and some should be skipped. Get: The warm marinated olives; the buffalo risotto croquettes; and the picatta, served with truffle mashed potato. Skip: The skimpy, unexciting pizza [$16] and definitely the $14 chocolate fondue. I had my eye on the latter from the start. Figured it would be mostly fruit and fine melted dark chocolate, but it was mostly fruit and mediocre chocolate. It came with pretzels [only a few sticks] and little cubes of vegan cake that don't match the cakes I've baked. Still, if your child is check out vegan restaurants. And she went wild over my piccata, and loved her peanut butter and chocolate ganache. The other two young ladies liked the food, too.

The joke at dinner--originating with Figgy's roommate/cousin, Orange--is that I should change my daughter's blog name to Wiggy, or Wig for short, because she bought a mod and beautiful blondish/auburn long wig with bangs and has been wearing it all week. In fact, she ran up behind H. and me on the sidewalk as we were approaching the restaurant, to surprise and shock us.

Hey, whatever it takes to adjust to art school in NYC....:)

Speaking of vegan, I bought a luscious new cookbook, Vegan Chocolate, by Fran Costigan. The photos by Kate Lewis are so inviting, you want to dive right in. I can't wait to try the Moon Pies for Wiggy and her roomies. Only thing is, you have to make your own round vegan graham crackers first.

After dinner, H. went to get the car and we popped into Victory Garden New York City a couple doors up on Carmine Street, which sells fresh goat milk soft serve and even fat plastic jugs of goat milk from a farm upstate. The store says goat milk is better for the lactose-intolerant and the customer in front of us said it's the closest thing to mother's milk, better than cow's milk, though I can't recapture why. But I bought a jug and also a Las Delicias gluten-free [not vegan] brownie, not because I'm gluten-free but because the flavor was salted caramel and rosemary and it looked good and fudgy. It was. The notes of rosemary were intriguing and new-age.

Must go to sleep. Good night.

  1. Weight Watchers.
  2. Support group.
  3. Bought healthy whole grains, fresh vegs and lean proteins to replenish kitchen.
  4. Made a WW recipe: big pan of roasted Brussels sprouts with shallots and a little bacon. Ate for lunch. Hey!!! Pat on the back for that!
  5. Short walk with Sug.
  6. Read, napped. Tomorrow Punchy comes home.
  7. Updating my Weight Watchers online tracker to log in that rosemary brownie and half-cup of goat milk [which was a tad bit lumpy]..


  1. Roasted brussel sprouts are one of my favorite foods on the planet - I often make with shallots - and I've seen a version with bacon, but haven't tried it. Sounds delicious! My family is not wild for them, which is good, because I often gorge on them.

  2. Hi Nan....yes, they are pretty good! I have a hard time eating healthfully, so I tried....sending love, alice

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