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Monday, August 11, 2014

Dream Roll: New Job

Wow, what a dream. It went on and on. [H. had set alarm for 7:30 to go work on a deadline, so I had extra dream time in a still bed. And believe it or not, Punch isn't up yet. Late night at drive-in.]

I dreamt I was in NYC in the office of an all-female communications firm. I think I was there for a job interview. It was in midtown. 

The woman in charge was dressed so chicly, I can't put it into words. It was like Grace Kelly meets Aerin Lauder. I can't capture it. But boucle Chanel-style suits in pastel or white with silvery threads were the uniform on many workers--one by one, the women emerged from their offices and I thought, I could never keep up with wardrobes like this! Impeccably gorgeous.

I had on a V-neck sleeveless white boucle dress myself, with silvery threads in the weave and glittery beading around the neckline. The silhouette was modern and the length ladylike, skimming below the knee. I had nude stockings and high heels.

The boss liked me but I knew in my heart that this was the only outfit I had that met their style criteria.

Then suddenly, H. appeared, blurting out some question about health insurance. And then one real accessory from my life materialized--my purple Filofax datebook. The number 2 woman was asking if I could go for drinks at 5--so she could get to know me better before they hired me--and I suddenly could not remember for the life of me who was watching Punch back in New Jersey. 

Oh, I can ask Figgy to watch her when Punch gets out of camp, I thought, but then realized  Fig was in school, living in NYC. I checked my datebook and saw that Elaine was watching her till 5--so then the woman asked if I could do drinks at 4. She was getting impatient. 

I then started scrambling, panicking about whether to put calls out to find a daily sitter for Punch so I could take the job.....and then I woke up.

Hmmm. Now. I remember. My bedtime reading was the August issue of Town & Country, with Dakota Fanning, age 20, on the cover, and the feature about her called "Tinseltown Angel." She's modeling glittery trends: big diamond rings, sparkly tops. Aha, silver threads.

And then I remembered the vintage, mint-green, bejeweled cuffs at Wicked Thrift in Orleans yesterday. I tried one on, liked it. It was like the neckline of my dress in the dream.

Oh well, gotta go clean--and Will is on the horn.

Happy sparkly day and maybe I really should get a job after I finish Anthony's book. Obamacare is killing us: $1700 a month to cover H., me and Fig. And the coverage is minimal at that. Dream--or necessity? I think you and I both know the answer, but perhaps having Punchy is clouding the picture.


  1. Great dream, Alice. :) I have a lot of similar ones. The basic idea is that I get a job in an office, and then on the first day, realize I have no idea how to use the computer. AHHHH!

  2. Hi Eileen. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Sending admiring thoughts and I mean that, Alice