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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tomorrow We Come Clean

Lilly pants & dresses in Wicked Thrift, Orleans. Tammy even had chunky vintage black and white Chanel earrings for $125.

Melancholy sets in when I have to leave the Caoe, even though I know I'm being greedy. I just don't want to  put it behind me. And tomorrow, H. has to haul trash and recycling to the dump and we have to vacuum, scrub the tub and toilet, mop the kitchen floor, sweep the sand off the hardwood..,.and on and on. It's a workout.
Music should help--plus new bottles of Windex, Resolve, Chlorox, and a can of Lemon Pledge. I figure leaving all of this in my wake will earn me some points, so Will can see what we used.

I wanted to go to 11 a.m. Mass today but it was a bad morning with Punch. Ugly.

Things I liked later on: 
1. Meeting the two Annes at the Sparrow. Had an iced Mocha Sparrow.
2. Going into Wicked Thrift, right near the Sparrow gift shop. Anne M. scouted out Lilly Pulitzer clothes there. Store owner Tammy did indeed have some great vintage Lilly dresses, about $60, but too small for me. Lots of great stuff in good condition. The handwritten tags were lovely and encouraging, like "Pretty! You can wear sequins and sparkle!" Tammy writes them, and writes songs, too.
3. Went to In the Pink, the Lilly Pulitzer store in Chatham, with Punchy + two Annes. Bought a mobile phone charger for this iPhone--in a cheery pink Lilly floral--and a classic Lilly dress for Punch. I got Figgy a little Lilly patchwork shift when she was around the same age.
4. The Candy Manor, on Main Street in Charham. I love its pink awning. Had 2 fudge samples and bought Punch those waxy soda bottle-shaped candies [yuck] and two peanut butter granola bars dunked in rich dark chocolate, one each fior H. abd me, $4 apiece but big and delicious. "Calling these granola bars is like calling caviar fish," H. said.
5. Kind gift: There's no washer/dryer in our house so I hand-washed the light blue fringed round tablecloth my mother bought and hung it out to dry, but still saw chocolate stains, despite scrubbing. Rang bell of Peg across the street and she opened the doors to her washer and dryer! I'm thankful.
6. Punchy and I pedaled an hour on the bike path this evening, from 6:10 to 7:10. We went to Marconi Beach Road, coasting by white and purple butterfly bushes, campsutes, ponds and a fish-fry place. Peaceful and fun to propel oneself forward on a bike. Brings back youth Love it.
7. H. took her to the Wellfleet drive-in and I read...,

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