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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Change Is Hard

Doing my best to be healthier day by day by day. Good night.

1. 7 a.m. support group.
2. Healthy bkfast and lunch.
3. Swapped out iced coffee with half and half for home-brewed ginger peach iced tea.
4. Good dental care.
5. Important reading.
6. Biked to town for groceries.
7. Made new recipe from Good Housekeeping October issue--chicken with white wine and mushrooms, polenta and spinach on the side. Family pleaser [sans chicken for H.].


  1. Isn't it great to try a recipe and have the family like it? This sounds overall like a great day?

  2. Hi Nan. Yes it was. Thank you for checking in. I have to get back
    Over to your blog and catch what you're up to. What is address again? Thanks. Alice