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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lavender Oil & Lunch

Diana Sabloff--a friend from boot camp--co-led a lunch & learn nutrition talk with Elizabeth Girouard at Mondo in Summit today. They covered everything from cacao to coconut oil, grass-fed beef to lemon water [a smart way to start your day]. The audience: About 10 women, mainly mothers, all grocery shoppers. The lunch: Greens, grilled chicken and vegs, crumbled feta, special salad dressing that the place sells by the bottle, plus ice water and freshly brewed ice tea.

Our questions included: If using a baking mix that calls for adding butter or oil, what's best to use? Answer: Half applesauce and half coconut or avocado oil. What are good blueberries this time of year? Wild ones, sold frozen in big bags at Costco. Diana and Elizabeth knew it all. Diana said she tried nearly 30 gluten-free pastas on her family before finding one they all like [sorry, I forget the brand.]

I had mentioned to Diana after boot camp yesterday that Punchy really fights sleep. Diana kindly brought me some lavender oil and told me where to put it on Little Miss at bedtime: a drop on sole of each foot, on each inner wrist, along spine. She went right to sleep after bath and book. Could also be because fire alarm started squawking at 6 a.m. and she never went back to sleep, or because Elaine took her to playground and then horse riding lesson after getting off schoolbus.

But I like to believe it's Diana's helping hand and the lavender magic.

1. Please see above.
2. Planning to book mammo and pap smear appts tomorrow. Overdue.
3. Split an avocado with Punch at breakfast.


  1. <3 you Alice! (if icon doesn't go through that's "heart you Alice" The pasta brand is called Jovial. Fairway is now carrying it in their GF section. Or you can order online. So glad you could come and even more glad Punch fell asleep!

  2. Diana! I was hoping you would pop by and name the brand! great! thank you. I like your photo, too! alice