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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Study in Blues

Come into my office. The wicker couch is old. We bought it 20 years ago.
The aqua velvet pillow is from Rabbit Rabbit in Montclair. The telephone table and white coral sculpture are from Jules Duffy Designs in Madison. [Sue was a huge help--great eye.] The Nancy Drew book on the rolling cart is for you, Nan!!! And me. I love it there, and read it recently.

The bookcase with glass doors was from my childhood home and I don't know if it was originally from Dad's parents? He painted it white. The tray on top is new and matches telephone table.

The fat perforated votive holder is crisp and white. The rose begonia should stay alive if I'm lucky and don't overwater it. I got it at Bartlett's, my favorite garden shop.
I think this box was my Grandma Rosie's? I have to check with Sis and Lin. I keep the keys to the Cape Cod house in the box--Dad gave me his set, with little red pocket knife. I added key chain young Figgy made.
A room of my own. I've been working for hours over a couple of days, hauling everything out of the small sun room and now sifting, recycling, tossing, organizing. Cleaning cobwebs, arranging plants. Sweeping up dried flower petals. Stepping back to admire my work. I have hours and hours, piles and piles, miles and miles to go.

It all started with the small faux turquoise leather rolling telephone table with silver wheels--I saw it when I went to interview interior designer Jules Duffy in her studio in Madison, NJ in the spring. Here's the ARTICLE I later wrote about her. She was all about blues, and I fell in love with a perfect pale blue table with round top but I think it was $700 plus? This one was more affordable. It took me a while to go get it--they take only cash and checks--but yesterday was the day!!!! If I roll it a bit, I feel like a glamorous stewardess.

I spent about $530 on outfitting my new space, counting 2 large matching faux leather trays, a striking piece of white porcelain coral, a picture frame, a perforated white votive holder. I love the way the clean turquoise and freshly dipped white look together. And I think I deserve a beautiful space to create in. My desk isn't clear yet, so I'll show that another time.

Good night to you. Pacific dreams of white-topped waves...

  1. Boot camp. Have not slept well for a week due to pain in calf--and also, Punch has woken up in the middle of the night two nights in a row with earache, etc. Was going to skip boot camp and texted Patsy to say so, but she said I should go and do some stretches, arm exercises, etc. Glad I did. I love that group.
  2. Office cleanup--decluttering my life story.
  3. Salon blowout.
  4. Made BLTs on wheat toast for dinner.


  1. Alice, that looks so great! What an uplifter to clean up and brighten your workplace! Good work!

  2. This is fabulous! Color and beauty can do so much to raise your spirits and enhance your creativity. Thanks for the Nancy Drew reference. I still love the early versions of them, with incredibly self reliant and courageous plucky girls.

  3. SO pretty! I would love a little writing nook like that. I mean, I have one, but it's a part of the family room, where toys still dominate. It's not pretty. :) And I should also do a big overhaul of my filing cabinet, but that is a horrible job and easy to procrastinate.

  4. Hi Kim, Eileen and Nan...thanks for being in my corner. I'm still not finished but making good progress...put out three heavy bags of paper for recycling yesterday, all from my office....feel lighter...I also keep gift wrap and mailing supplies in here but am about to tuck those somewhere else, if I can find a space...I feel like this office is part writer/a big part mother and I want to shift the focus a bit....i love being a mother but it has kind of overshadowed some things....this old house doesn't offer much storage....have a good day and thanks for the notes. love, alice