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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Still in the Midst of Office Sweep

Thanks for being there to listen, and be my witness. It's fun to unearth lots of special things--notes and drawings by young Figgy, writing I've published, things I've happily and healthily moved beyond [lots of medical bills/payment plans from the dark period our family weathered].

Good night to you. I'm not going to sleep yet, but maybe soon...

  1. Weight Watchers. Good reality check.
  2. Support group.
  3. Made a Weight Watchers recipe with Punchy--BBQ Chicken Pizza, with whole-wheat tortilla for the base.
  4. Church. I went to 5:30 Mass with Punch. Liked the reading about not being anxious.
  5. Talked to my good Sis and friend Anne.

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