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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Religion Class

I've enrolled Punchy in religion class, held from 4 to 5 pm every Thursday at our parish Catholic school. Punch is in first grade, but this starts preparation for First Holy Communion at the end of second grade. She's learning prayers, including the grace the kids say before having snack.

Whenever we go to Communion at Mass, she puts her hands out for the wafer and I have to hurry up and motion above her head that No, she doesn't get it.

But I'll tell you, some of the moms dropping their kids off on Thursday afternoons look like they're 25, not much older than Figgy's 19. They are fresh-faced, energetic, beautiful. And many are toting babies, too.

Just an observation. And last week, I loved one mom's chic outfit: skinny, cropped lilac jeans paired with a long navy top. It's a winning Lilly color combination. God bless fashion and its saving grace.

Good night.

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