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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Shopping Blizzard

Tiffany & Co. catalog, a beautiful read.
Buffalo, NY aside [that snowstorm looked fierce], it's getting treacherous this shopping season. The catalogs, the emails, the personal appearances. [Tory Burch signing the bottles of her fragrance that you purchase, Bloomingdale's, Short Hills Mall, noon Saturday. Sadly, Punchy's last soccer game interferes.] The coupons, discounts, free ground shipping, free expedited shipping, free shipping both ways always. The limited edition chocolates, cute pajamas, flannel sheets, glittery tights, sparkly shoes. [I hope Figgy won't mind me saying she bought a gold sequined romper at Forever 21 for New Year's Eve.] The free gift wrap, gifts with purchase, and hurry-up-just-one-more-day Thanksgiving specials. The breakfast pastries to have delivered to your door for holiday houseguests, the pies to order from Union Square Cafe [pecan pie or pumpkin cheesecake pie, $39 each]. The beautiful catalogs from Tiffany & Co.; King Arthur Flour; and Neiman Marcus.

For that matter, the recipes--The New York Times Food Section today is great, with a Thanksgiving side or dessert recipe from every one of the 50 states. Should I swap my Ann Landers pecan pie [secret passed from an old friend, Marilynn Poe] for the recipe from Georgia in the paper? I just might. What about those Pecan Pie Bites from Colorado? The sugar, the whipped cream, the pecans...the oyster dressing. The turkey, the cookies, the new car deals. The My American Girl Doll with the snowy white ear muffs. Yikes. Deep breath.

It's tricky to weather it all without slipping and sliding or getting lost under an avalanche. To see clearly and figure out what to buy and stash, what to skip. I think I'm feeling a bit snowed under.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the dome.
  2. A couple of apple slices.
  3. Trying to get things in order healthwise.


  1. My best strategies with the Xmas avalanche: Have a plan, including a budget and a # of how many gifts per loved one. Also save a few stocking stuffer things for last minute so you can still indulge in the thrill of shopping throughout the pretty season. Whenever, I'm tempted to go over my budget and/or appropriate # of gifts (which is still obsene by any measure, in its excesses), I think about how I do not want to be that person--the person who loses sight of the real meaning of the holidays underneath all the glitter and glitz. Easier said than done, but without my budget and list, I'd be a goner.

  2. Hi Kim. Yes, making a master list should help instead of riding the Wild, Wiild West without a plan! But marketers and emarketers are quite good at their jobs....swaying us...sending love Alice