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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rolling: Birdman

Today, Punchy's pretty young grandma [Mimi] and her husband came to Punch's soccer game--she scored another goal for The Cheetahs!--and then took her overnight for a movie and hotel stay nearby to give us a breather. The breather was from 4:24 today until 1:30 tomorrow, because we're going somewhere with Punchy and Figgy then [to see Super Movies play in round two of a band competition at the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park!!!].

Oh, it is lovely to get a breather. I did a tiny bit of internet shopping while lounging on the couch [Shabby Chic friends and family sale, 20% off until midnight Saturday, got a little gift for Fig and notebooks for my writing], took a tiny nap--and we got to go out to dinner and the movies with Moey and Ted. Our schedules have gotten busy and this was long overdue.

"Birdman" is amazing. Few movies have left me as awed. "A Beautiful Mind" was another, and maybe that's no coincidence, because that was about a brilliant mathematician who was schizophrenic and this one was about a brilliant actor who was so haunted by his alter ego and inner voices that he appeared schizophrenic to me.

Michael Keaton's acting is raw and real [including wrinkles, crinkles, vulnerability]. You feel Riggan Thomson's pain, torment, struggles as a spouse, father [of daughter who went to rehab] and above all, artist.

Lindsay Duncan's portrayal as Tabitha, the theater critic for The New York Times, is devastating. It cuts right to the heart of every writer's/actor's/artist's fears. Sitting at the bar, she slices verbally into Riggan's jugular...every artist's worst nightmare, being cut down to size and wished ill by the power[s] that be.

This movie digs deep. I'd love to know what you think of it. How raw and close Keaton's work is! Good night.

  1. Support group...but I got there very, very, very late. Have to commit to block out the time. It's just that Saturday mornings can be tricky. I have to think on this.
  2. Went to Montclair Farmers' Market on Walnut Street. Enjoyed strolling around in the sunshine and checking the vendors. Got 2 banana peanut butter muffins from Ester's Treats [1 is in freezer now]; new pickles and spicy olives from Pickleicious; a little cheese from Valley Shepherd Creamery; Winesap apples and a bunch of short, fat carrots from a farm; rosemary bread and a small maple bacon donut for Punch from Montclair Bread Company; and 2 very good salted chocolate chunk cookies from the bake sale table to benefit Montclair Cooperative School.
  3. Back to Toni's Kitchen to volunteer! My friend and fellow writer Elly and I are ready to relaunch the memoir writing workshop. No one came today, so we brainstormed with our friend Anne [outreach director] about a holiday giving afternoon in December at Toni's.
  4. Seeing our friends for dinner + movie.

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