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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rolling: St. Vincent

Saw this movie a week ago and still thinking about it. About Bill Murray's acting--visiting the nursing home [tender]; after a stroke [convincing]; with the boy, Oliver [tough yet tender]; and Oliver's mom, Maggie [brusque]; and hanging with the blonde, Daka [cannot explain succinctly].

I like the way Murray portrayed an alcoholic. I like close portrayals of addicts, because addictions are all around us and even in us but to show them in a raw, real manner--and tap into the rest of the person, too, not just the problem but the heart--takes skill and careful brushstrokes.

I don't know. It's still staying with me.

Good night.

  1. House cleaning and load of delicate laundry with Woolite.
  2. Went to Punchy's last soccer game of the season with Sis and Don. [H. was working at an event in NYC.] Had fun spending the afternoon with them.
  3. Wore my Fitbit Flex charger in new fuchsia bracelet.
  4. Finally signed up for Netflix; first month free. Watched first two episodes of "Orange Is the New Black." I don't know if I like it, but I think so. It's certainly addicting. Have you watched it?


  1. Love OITNB. Stick with it; very worth it! Missed St. Vincent. Need to add to my list.

  2. Hi Alice glad you are on Netflex I just watched a movie we loved called Quartet produced and directed by Dustin Hoffman starring Maggie Smith and many other premier British actors.The music is divine could watch again even though it is a little depressing at times but the good parts sure outweigh the sad.See what you think.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all AP the aunt

  3. Hi Kim....ok, i like your advice on OITNB. Aunt Ann! Hi. How is Uncle Harry doing? I hope he is feeling better. So far I love Netflix. Can't believe I took this long to get on!!! Happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Love, Alice