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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

Busy day but felt good. I made slow cooker chili* from a Cooking Light recipe that called for a bottle of beer. Tasty. H. and I raked, I shopped for my Thanksgiving pie ingredients and our friends the Mernins came over for Sunday dinner. Nice. Good night to you.

*It was called Chili con Carne but with H. being vegetarian, I made it sans Carne. We also added the last of his tomatoes from the garden, which added great taste but too much liquid. I browned about a pound of lean ground turkey and served it on the side for those of us who wanted to add some Carne. Best parts: Healthy [lots of red peppers and onions] and once it was in the slow cooker, it just simmered all afternoon and was ready to go when company came, no last-minute scrambling.

  1. Good skin care.
  2. Weight Watchers. Tail end of meeting but still helpful.
  3. Braved the huge crowds at ShopRite, everyone laying in their Thanksgiving supplies. Could barely move your cart. House now stocked with enough pecans, red apples, green apples, butter, flour and sugar to make 2 pecan pies [one to take to Maine, one for Punchy's golden-hearted therapist] and 2 apple pies [one to take to Maine and one vegan, with no butter in the crust, for Fig].
  4. Raking=good exercise.
  5. Healthy dinner, and lots of water.


  1. I just got my first-ever slow cooker, and I'm eating some pork sholder carnitas with guacamole and pick de gallo. But everyone says chile!

  2. Yum I wish Dan ate meat because slow cooker pork is sooooooo good Nan