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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taking Hold

Shifting some priorities...getting some things in order. Planning to get back to 8 a.m. Saturday yoga class with Joe...miss it. Signed up today. Going out early like that should also let me get to support group on time instead of woefully late. Checking another Weight Watchers meeting time for a possible better fit. Started tracking WW Points again online. A Starbucks dark chocolate graham cracker [single] is 4 Points. Looking into Tory Burch bracelet to hold the Fitbit Flex gadget Sis and Don got me. Good night to you.

1. Long morning walk with Sug, by Hobbit houses.
2. Yogurt, walnuts, chopped autumn apple. Roasted yam. 
3. Salon blowout.
4. Private Benjamin.
5. Please see post above.

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