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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Figgy in My Midst

Found this in one of the documents I left open on the laptop when I went overnight yesterday with Sis to our cousin Lin's. 
Young Figgy was into fashion design at Montclair High--hence, her application to, acceptance at, and scholarship to Parsons School of Design in NYC.
She was kind of frail and wore floaty dresses, lacy and pink and flesh-toned--turns out Parsons wasn't for her, not at that moment in time--but I still love it when I find sketches like these. 
She's still a fashionista, changing her hair color every couple weeks, it seems--right now it's a pink pixie. She wears tights and plaid dresses and cute skirts and chunky, high shoes. But now she is a science major at MSU, stronger, more grounded, with a lovely and confident sense of herself.
Proud of Figgy as she navigates life's path, and lab courses, fashionably.
Good night.
Postscript Monday morning: Fig’s hair is no longer pink. Last nite she colored it a pretty silvery blue. 


  1. I love this sketch... I love all her work. She will always have that talent no matter what she does in life. Love, Lin P.S. It was so good to spend "quality" time with you and Sis. And of course, thank you for your support of Devereux.

  2. Thanks, Lin. So great to see you and Joe and family and to support Joey, even if just a little bit. Love Al