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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Back to Mass 

I’ve missed Sunday Mass for a few weeks and it felt good to be back. I went without Punch today; she has been pretty mean to me lately, and disrespectful, and I needed some time and space to pray alone. /There’s a new wrinkle/bump in her family of origin. I can’t go into it here but it will be hard for her. /She takes out her anger on me. Often reminds me that I am not her mother. Tries to hurt my feelings in that and other ways./ But this is what we have. Her mom didn’t give up maternal rights; Dan and I are Punchy’s legal guardians. The Powers to Be in the state believe children do better when they live with their biological parents and in this case, said it was in Punch’s best interest to be in touch with her mom.//No comment here on how that’s been working out.//But here is what I liked about church:

  1. Noticing the priest’s voice, his hands raised in prayer, his Thanksgiving greeting at the end of Mass.
  2. Seeing Jessica and Ben and their two cute little boys, and talking after Mass.
  3. Seeing Lisa and Tor and their girls, Mary P. and parish regulars, including the blonde woman who is always well-dressed and the young mom and her preteen? daughter who seem very sweet and almost like sisters.
  4. Hearing about upcoming events: Christmas Corners and advent wreath making.

Good night to you.


  1. Alice, sending love for the bumps in all your lives. Tough road to navigate. xoxo