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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Healthy Steps Today 

  1. Saturday morning support group. There is peace, wisdom, truth, hope and strength there.
  2. Nice cup of Red House Roasters coffee from Little Daisy Bake Shop. Felt indulgent.
  3. Butternut squash soup and a little homemade cornbread.
  4. Pretty candlelight.
  5. Ice water.
  6. Green salad.
  7. Salted almonds. 
  8. No sweets except a Munchkin. I totally forgot. They were passing around a box after two hours of soccer games in the cold, wet field and it was an instinct learned over a lifetime. But then I remembered. And I stopped.

Good night.


  1. So easy to do the unconscious munch! But big kudos for stopping, instead of saying, "oh no, damage done, might as well have a few more...".

    1. Thanks, Nan. I have been thinking of you because in the past, when I sidestepped sugar, you asked me how I felt, if I felt better. I do feel more present, that’s for sure. But present to good and bad things, no anesthecizing (sp) w sugar.....