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Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 14, Be Present

Jarring start to day--pipe bomb explosion in subway under Port Authority/Times Square. Minor injuries., just a handful of people hurt....but why do people hate us so much, cook up schemes like this? Damn.

But we are New York. [I can proudly say that from New Jersey--New York is our city, too.] And we won't back down.

Dan and Punch got our tree tonight over at the Montclair Beach Club, where the parking lot gives way to Fred's Christmas Trees every year. Figgy grumbling about alternate Christmas plans instead of driving 450 miles to Maine with us, her calm, cool family--not.. I feel sad when I hear that.

I did some gift shopping--at Pink Bungalow on Bellevue Avenue. If you show the email they sent on your phone, save $25 on purchase of $125 or more. I got several gifts for teachers and friends and Figgy and some beautiful glittery Caspari ribbon for wrapping packages. I also met my friend Anne for coffee at Marcel Kitchen on Valley. Good to connect quietly and sip coffee even as the holiday shopping and commitments loom ahead.

Good night, must rest. Dan flies to Seattle early in the morning to work at holiday party there!

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