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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 15: Wild & Scattered Holiday Treating or One Fruitcake Leaping

From my iPhone notes today:

Drove Lex to school so we could both sleep a little later. Stopped at Whole Foods on way home. I had not eaten breakfast yet. So I had 2 full cookies and 2 crackers w upscale cheese and jam from the sampling tables.

I Christmas shopped while there—gifts for Figgy and Sis. And a Pacifica brand blue mascara to perk up my eyes.

I bought lots of healthy stuff, including Bosc pears, blackberries, Ezekiel bread, butternut squash, rotisserie chicken, bananas, nuts, local honey,  grass-fed milk....but a small Christmas fruitcake loaf leapt into my cart, as did a pint of famous Graeter’s #Frenchpot ice cream from Cincinnati.

Before I left, I sat at the counter and ate 3/4 of a large beef and rice burrito from the hot bar. It was nearly lunchtime.

I drive right past Williams-Sonoma on my way home, so I stopped in for two special gifts, which I had wrapped. I also snagged sweet stocking stuffers [vegan gummy stars for Fig and soft pumpkin.caramels for Punch], plus a package of Georgetown Cupcake Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake Mix and a little jar of red candy hearts to top baked goods [both on sale]. I treated myself to something big: A cheerful retro Santa cookie jar, 20 percent off.

I have since eaten about 5 of the wrapped caramels, a couple spoons Vegan Divas chocolate cake, free cup of coffee at W-S, 3 spoons melting ice cream, small slice said fruitcake, a little chicken.... I have to get to my desk to write about a remarkable brain surgeon for Neurology Now. 

Wish me luck. More later.

Now it's later, and I didn't write the brain surgeon feature yet. But I have my ducks in a row. Good night. I hope I don't eat like this tomorrow. I did have a redeeming dinner: Delicious baked yam with Irish butter and salt; rotisserie chicken; nice helping of sautéed spinach.

These are tricky, tricky waters, these weeks before Christmas. So: Is this what my therapist meant when he suggested I avoid the holiday party Saturday, with all the treats? That if I started, it would be hard to stop? And nutrition angel Rachael says "Grazing leads to grazing." 

Good night.

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