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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 19: Free at Last, on #66 to New York

Punchy is with her good Mimi this weekend. They Christmas-shopped yesterday and are having a family holiday breakfast with Mimi’s sister today.

Freedom! While we all adore spirited Punch, she can surely give us a run for our money, even at age 10. So when I saw an invite about today’s fragrance event at Hermès on Liberty Street in NYC, knowing I would be my old independent self, I reserved my spot for $15.

It’s hosted by Sniffapalooza, the cleverly named fragrance lovers’ group that attracts passionistas from all over for sniffing and shopping events. It’s through this group that I learned about Grace Kelly’s signature scent [Chateau Krigler 12; please see this post I wrote] and had a perfume bottle signed in gold, in person by Annick Goutal’s granddaughter at Bergdorf Goodman [under Tom Crutchfield’s loving eye at the jewel-box counter on the Beauty Level].

Sis likes going to these events, too. We haven’t been for at least a year. But she is flying to Wisconsin to spend eight days with Don’s daughter and family. She is sharply missing Don this first Yuletide since his April death.

Dan has been working very hard—article deadlines and the 60-Second Novelist is in very high demand for holiday parties. He's generally booked months ahead but for the one last night on the Upper East Side, it was just days ahead. People love him and the stories he taps out on the spot on his charming vintage typewriter.

Today he is driving to the Boston area to do a party.

Anyway, I don’t have an Hermès-size bankroll, but I love the idea of learning about their top notes, etc. I might get a shower gel. They look pretty delicious on the website.

More later. Bus about to nose into Port Authority. It’s not Rudolph’s red nose, but for the way my spirits are lifted, it might as well be!


  1. How fun--a festive solo evening!

    1. Kim, it was fun! I loved it. But crowded, crowded on subways and in Times Square, and sadly, I think my Hermès shower gel was pickpocketed out of my orange Hermès shopping bag when I stopped at a shop in Times Square on my way home. Sigh. It's ok. I got an engraved bottle of perfume for Dan to give me for Christmas and that's still here! Lesson learned. Keep close eye on bags always. xoxoxo Alice

    2. I was wrong! The shower gel wasn’t stolen. It was in box w perfume!