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Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 21*: Hello from Starbucks, Writing about Brain Surgery

It's not brain surgery! a magazine editor was fond of saying when we had to revise or distill some lifestyle copy at Good Housekeeping. She was right, writing about cameras or cashmere was not brain surgery, though it could be tricky sometimes.

But this IS brain surgery I'm writing about now, for Neurology Now Magazine.

I'm at Starbucks for concentration and no holiday/one husband/two daughters/two doggy distractions, but the place is closing at 10 p.m.  I will then head to my home office.

Meanwhile, good news. I've had my CPAP machine for sleep apnea for 2 weeks now and had to bring it back in to the pulmonologist/sleep medicine doctor today. He put a big smiley face on my results. I had/have severe sleep apnea; the test in September showed that I stopped breathing 75+ times per hour. Dan had been worried for a while, and eventually, so was I. He said I gasped for air a lot.

After 14 nights, the doctor says my breathing is stopping about 10 times per hour, not 75+. And that will improve. This has been a learning curve. He also had to review with me the proper use and care and cleaning of very unglamorous items, such as: nasal cushion; headgear; chinstrap; tubing; filter; and water chamber.

You know me....Lilly Pulitzer pink, Tory Burch orange, perfume and accessories and Bergdorf's and blowouts.....I'm sure you can understand why I went kicking and screaming into the CPAP world.

But already, I am much more energized during the day, much less lethargic. I have put makeup on many days--have not been too tired to do so. Have started to walk again.

Anyway, wish me luck with my deadline. Good night and thanks.

*I didn't post on Sunday, which was Day 20. Don't ask, don't tell.


  1. My brother says his CPAP machine changed his life. Good for you for following through. I'm so glad you can feel the results--it'll help motivate you to continue Unglamorous, but enabling more glam during the day.
    And energy breeds exercise which breeds more energy.

  2. Nan, that is how I feel too...that darn machine is changing my life. Even though I am having a hard time getting used to it.......xo

  3. Since Joe got his CPAP I sleep better too! xoxo