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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Until Tomorrow—Again

Sleep beckons...and so does my urge to eat mindlessly to stay awake when my body is tired.

  1. Prayer at church.
  2. Short walk w Sug.
  3. Made that carrot cauliflower soup—toasted the coriander seeds and Punchy crushed them. Good soup!
  4. Talked to Sis.
  5. Raw spinach.
  6. Banana with almond butter.
  7. Watched 1959 “Gidget” movie with Sandra Dee. It’s like rice pudding—but comfort food for the mind, not the belly. Time travel! Love the convertibles, dresses, swimsuits, cardigans, hairdos, surfboards—and beautiful beaches! Also the old-fashioned look at teen/parent conflicts—fascinating. We parents still fret over what our teenagers do. And beachy scenes made me want to go back to California.
  8. Hung up clothes and washed blacks and tights in Woolite.
  9. Nap with Sug.
  10. Punchy winged it and made a small pan of kitchen sink “brownies” using  Nesquik powder, chocolate pudding mix, flour and more. She wasn’t going to eat them, but I had one. Threw rest out. Hard, as I don’t like to be wasteful and food costs money.

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