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Monday, January 15, 2018

Work Crowds Out Blogging/Candle Burns Low/Cakes Walk In

I have a lot of pots boiling/simmering at once. But I really want to blog! Especially about these three fabulous forms of entertainment:
  1. The movie "The Post."
  2. The Amazon series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."
  3. The network TV show "This Is Us."
But it has to wait.

Also saddened by news story that broke today about parents in California who were holding their 13 kids captive, starved, chained, etc. So very heartbreaking. 

  1. Asked Dan to get candles at grocery store. Two tapers burning next to me as I write. Love the soft flickering flames; of course, need electric light, too.
  2. That carrot cauliflower soup again, yum.
  3. Ezekiel bread with smoked salmon.
  4. Joke. So this little girl walks in with two cakes. After healthy dinner, complete with spinach salad, I looked at Dan in our kitchen as he gleefully reached for a cold orange, which he finds delicious. "I wish someone would walk in here right now with a three-layer chocolate fudge cake," I said. "I'm going to have some cake for my birthday Sunday." An hour later, Punchy walks in after her very nice MLK play date with her friend and his Mom, toting a bakery cheesecake and homemade sweet potato cake roll. Dan and I did have some. Excellent. Don't plan to have more, but Punchy can.

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