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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Signing Off, Challenging Day & Night

We have been navigating some pretty hellish waters, murky and treacherous with sharp rocks and broken (once flawlessly beautiful) seashells underfoot, with jagged edges. The water may look pretty to the visitors but we live on this island and trust me, there’s a red flag danger warning. We keep trying to keep our heads above water and understand the tide chart. And still, we often fail miserably.

Good night.


  1. Wave of sorrow,
    Don’t drown me now.
    I see the island,
    Still ahead somehow.
    I see the island,
    And its sands are fair.
    Wave of sorrow,
    Take me there.

    —Langston Hughes

  2. I came across this in a novel I read recently, memorized it, and offer it to you to be your new prayer, too.

  3. Great poem. Hang in there, Alice!

  4. sending much love and light. the poem is perfect, Nan. xoxo

  5. Thank you,Nan, for the lovely poem. Thanks Liz and Kim for the support and for being there. Punchy in rough waters, us with her. Love, Alice

  6. that old saying: a mother is only as happy as her least happiest child.

    1. Yes I have heard that one. Pretty universal I guess....this deep feeling when things get rocky....xo