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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Good/Bad/Ugly 

Finally got back to Joe’s restorative yoga class today. It was a gift, from the massage oil I rubbed into my inner wrists and temples to the wonderful resting poses with bolster, blocks and blankets—as the afternoon rain pelted the roof. We were safe inside. I haven’t purchased a block of classes in a while; I bought a set of five today. Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.
Our garbage disposal in the sink is broken, yet again. This often causes our dishwasher to overflow. Good times.
A lovely child, in innocence, asked me ‘“Why is your belly so big?”  I’m struggling mightily. Here I am trying to replace sweets with fruit, white bread with Ezekiel. I walked into the Little Daisy Bake Shop today and didn’t get a sample or a sweet, just a coffee to bring Figgy at work and a cute pack of Valentine hot cocoa mix for Punchy, to go with the Little Daisy little cup and red spoon I got her the other day. Sigh. Help?


  1. Oh, Alice. Try not to sweat it. My dad went gray very early (and his gray hair was WHITE), and he was kind of an older dad to begin with. (Normal for nowadays, but he was 35 when they had me, and that was kind of old for the 1970s.) People ALWAYS thought he was my grandfather. I think it pissed him off the first few times, then we all got tougher about it.

    Also, even though I am petite, my belly never really went back to normal. Luke used to play with it ... he would knead it like dough and call it "squishy belly." Kids are crazy!

    1. Eileen, thank you, my friend. Wise words from your heart. Thank you for consoling me. Miss you. Congrats on Philly win!!!!!

  2. It’s happened to me, and it’s hard. I also had the other experience, where a grocery clerk asked if my kids were my grandkids! And this was years ago.. sigh. Still, we can choose not to let it overwhelm us, but stiffen our resolve to stick with it, glacierlike pace and all. But bummer!

    1. "Still, we can choose not to let it overwhelm us, but stiffen our resolve to stick with it, glacierlike pace and all." Liz, those are wise and strong words. Thank you. Yeah, I have gotten the grandma thing too, especially since Punch arrived in our lives when I was already 46 years old. xoxoxo Happy Val Day tomorrow