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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Getting Lost a Little on Life’s Road

Right turns:

  • Support group. Beloved faces around that room. Wisdom, strength, friendship, encouragement, compassion.
  • Slipped out of my Clarks open-toe nude patent pumps and into my sneakers to walk over an hour total to and from Architectural Digest Show at the piers on 12th Avenue. Beautiful, crisp NYC day. I went with a press pass for Aspire Design and Home Magazine.
  • Paella and iced coffee at the AD Show. Skipped the jumbo meringues and cookies.
  • For dinner, I made baked chicken, pan-browned, shaved Brussels sprouts; and mashed potatoes w cabbage.


  • Walnut brownie from Little Pie Company on 43rd Street. I fall into this fame trap--that bakery has had a golden rep forever. I don’t get to that neighborhood much, so when I do...hard to walk on by.
  • Overspending, especially since we don’t have extra money to spare--and this upsets Dan. I’m not only a compulsive eater, but sometimes, a compulsive spender, too. Exhibit A: Pricey salted butter from a farm; small log of chèvre w herbs; artisanal rye bread. Dan worked at an event today writing 60-Second Novels and we knew the agent was going to give him his check, which we planned to put right in the ATM. With Punch at Disney, we hoped for dinner out. But the agent said don’t cash it til Tuesday. So we are waiting again. I’m also owed two freelance writing paychecks.

Good night to you.


  1. Restraint on both food and money is so, so hard! One is a whole lot easier if there’s some flex on the other...

    Would have loved to see that AD show, hope it was a pleasure for the eyes.

    1. Liz, you are IS a lot easier if there’s flex on the would like the AD Show! You could plan to go one year. Love Alice