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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Let There Be Light 

The Nor’easter whipped through our area. I was freezing, standing in madly swirling snow to wait for Punchy’s yellow bus Friday afternoon at 4. By 5, our power was out; a neighbor’s tree had fallen on a wire. Our side of the street was without lights and heat and it hasn’t returned yet. We took refuge at a hotel tonite. Feels good to be warm and have lamplight. Gnite. Xo.


  1. We were dropping Joey off at his house on Friday when the power stared to flicker. I asked what they do when that happens. They go to a hotel, too. But they got lucky -- the power held. I hope you get yours back soon! Love, Linda

    1. Oh Lin, glad Joey’s power held. My Uncle Jim died, age 90, oldest of my mom’s three younger bros. Love Alice

  2. Have been watching a lot of this in the news. Hope all is back to normal soon. And perhaps Spring will come ONE day. It's warming up some down here in TN and we certainly don't have snow. Take care.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss of power!