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Friday, March 9, 2018

Pots & Pans: A Writer's Tale

I have been at my desk most of the day and night writing about: saucepans, Dutch ovens, frying pans and sauté pans! I'm writing marketing copy for a company out in California. I am convincing buyers that they need these pans to make melty mac and cheese, Sunday sauce, caramelized bananas, fluffy name it. I am singing the praises of nonstick surfaces [but don't use metal cooking tools, they will scratch] and clear, vented lids.

I have to hold and study the samples as I write. My family really likes some of the pans, especially the square stovetop griddle and the mini fry pan for a single egg for Punchy. And when we made popcorn tonight in a big Dutch oven, Dan and I agreed that watching the kernels pop through the big glass lid was really kind of fun.

Brain a bit fried now, pun intended. Losing steam and must sleep. So easy to make puns about pots and pans!

Good night to you.

Signing off,
A working writer


  1. I have great fondness for my pots and pans, partners in family-oriented work. I keep them too long!

  2. Do you get to keep them, since you’ve been using them?

    I just bought a new 12” ceramic nonstick frypan which I’ll use almost every time I cook. I should have consulted you first!

    Sometimes your job seems really glamorous to me.


  3. Hi Liz and Nan! Yes, we do get attached to our pots and pans. Thanks for supporting me with these notes. Yes, I get to keep them but I could never have a kitchen big enough to hold them all. They are GoodCook and or T-fal for GoodCook brand. My Sis wanted some, and I donate a lot as prizes for our block party bake-off. But this time I hope to give to the soup kitchen or to a place like Habitat or Home Corp in Montclair, which rehabs houses for families to own......but the ones we do keep, we are liking....xoxoxo Happy Sunday to you

    1. P.S. Nan, I have some ceramic pots and baking pans; they are really sturdy and good for conducting heat evenly, right?