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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Punchy Turns 11 Tomorrow!

I’ve got the brownie base and the ice cream dome chilling in the freezer for the bday cake Punch requested starting last year—Baked Alaska. Florida Orange slipped and called it Baked Alexa, so we stuck w that! Punchy wanted me to use Haagen-Dazs green tea flavor, her favorite, but I said most people wouldn’t like that. So it’s a pretty mix of scooped green chocolate chip mint and purply-pink raspberry chocolate chip. [I got her a separate pint of green tea for good measure. [Tomorrow I just have to umnold the dome, put it on brownie base, cover with fluffy whipped meringue and broil until peaks turn brown. Kind of like a giant marshmallow. ] Gnite. Xo.

P.S. Here is the Smitten Kitchen Baked Alaska recipe. Please note, as the recipe notes, it is VERY HARD to slice through a layer of meringue, ice cream and a FROZEN brownie base, even with a serrated knife. So I just decided to let the brownie base thaw in the fridge now and use it cold, not FROZEN.

  1. Biked to support group.
  2. Baked yam and baby spinach.


  1. Lucky girl to have you, that’s an ambitious dessert- Best of luck and many happy returns of the day to Punchy!

  2. Oh, thank you, Liz and Kim. I cannot believe she is 11! I clearly remember her arrival in a lavender fleece onesie.......