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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Baby + Cape Cod 

A  pure, perfect Cape breeze is stirring the air, ruffling the leaves on trees, lifting my heart.
The bed is comfortable. The trip was long--about 6 hours’ drive. Dan drove.
We took a dip in Great Pond--where the 6 o’clock wind whipped the placid water into a series of small waves with nowhere to go. Not like majestic ocean waves, which crest and curl and crash and begin again. No, the waves in the pond were contained.
I hope to blog tomorrow. Until then, some fotos of Punch and her baby Sis, from yesterday in New Jersey, and of Wellfleet, from tonight on the Cape with our friends, the Mernins. The energetic woman in white is Punchy’s great grandma, Nana, who is 90! She worked hard for many years in a lollipop factory--hard enough to earn a pension.
Good night. Soon time to don my hated CPAP mask.

1 comment:

  1. These photos are great! Could gobble that baby, and your girl is a cutie, esp those eyes! And the others really capture the peacefulness you talk about loving at the Cape. Please take ina huge breath of salt air for me!

    Vet does not seem overly concerned about procedure, and more biking a good trial run for retirement someday. I should be able to get many places by bike, but must allot enough time, which is not my strong suit. Excelsior!