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Friday, June 22, 2018

Pearl off, Tired Mermaid

That awkward first full day with no school, no camp, no travel, no pool, no sitter--a dangling Friday. Loose ends--but newfound freedom for the children.

Took Punch for long overdue haircut. Got groceries. And had sister/brother pair of friends over for long time. They all played with 3 boys who live on the block. Activities included:

  1. Eating the mini seashell pasta I made for lunch.
  2. Drinking ice water.
  3. Playing in Miles’ backyard, on swing set.
  4. Walking to Bradford School playground.
  5. Playing in ravine behind house.
  6. Walking to grassy island.
  7. In between activities, popping in to say, We’re bored. What can we do?
  8. Having pizza for dinner; the bro/sis don’t eat dairy, so ordered pie w just sauce and bacon for them. Whatever works.
  9. [Punchy] Getting upset that one of the boys got orange soda in her freshly trimmed hair.
  10. Walking to basketball hoop at bottom of block.
  11. [Punchy] Even after 7 hours together--1:30 to 8:30--asking repeatedly for a sleepover w friend before she left.

Oh! Punch and pal noticed the gray-blue dangling pearl ring on my finger and loved it. You look like a mermaid, Punch said.

If only? Or maybe not. I’d be way too tired to swim the high seas.

Good night.


  1. Sweep floors, fold laundry, dust, wash windows - I gleefully repeated my dad’s remedy for bored children. Once u complained of boredom, you HAD to complete one task before fleeing. To this day, Will starts a sentence, I’m not saying I’m bored but... hee! happy summer!

  2. Haha yes that’s a good one and I plan to employ it!!! Xo