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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Beautiful Bar Harbor 

That’s Sand Beach at Acadia National Park! To stand by and see it is to breathe deep and be grateful.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Acadia on my wish list - one of my cousins goes every year. Not a beach guy but the combo of forests and ocean view sounds awesome!

  2. that looks amazing! A Maine vacay on my bucket list, too!

  3. Oh it is so very, very lovely. Perhaps prettier than the California coast, which is a very big thing to say! We drive to Maine at least twice a year to see Dan's family and so often I never get to Acadia. I promised myself I would this year. We both had to work, weren't leaving til 2 pm on beastly hot day, and GPS said it would be 2.25 hr drive, so Dan and Punch backed out, to my dismay. I had to go! I had to go! To drink in that beauty. I loved it. We have been there many times but not recently and never enough. Love, Alice

  4. It's on my wish list, too. Good for you for hitting the road even if you had do it on your own!

    1. Oh Eileen, it's lovely. You can camp at Acadia, and we did that when I was 26! The sites go fast and you have to sign up early but I recommend it. xoxoxo

    2. P.S. yes i had to go, it was in my heart, but then I did miss them both, and Figgy, and felt kind of lonely amidst all the families but......staggering beauty