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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Maine Coast Beach

LOL, that’s a stranger in the sea but the football 🏈 midflight is the one my brother-in-law Mike was tossing to his daughter, Izzy, and Punchy! Most of us swam in the cold, clear ocean at Popham Beach State Park. So very lovely, But almost 4-hour round trip drive from Belfast--tired now. My parents drove from NYC to Maine on their honeymoon in 1951. As I walked that sandy shore, with rocky islands jutting from the sea and pines on the coast, I wondered if my mother had also walked there. I can’t ask her now. But I felt connected to her, somehow, with every step in the tide-worn sand. She was a new bride, almost 27. What were her hopes and dreams? Dad was 28. Good night.

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  1. Oh no! The football doesn't show up at right on my laptop! But it does on my iPhone! xoxo