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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride

I was on the train from 12:17 until 9:50 ish--more than 9 hours. But I read, worked on my laptop [setting up article interviews] and gazed out the window at:
  • Lakes blanketed with lily pads.
  • Soaring green mountains.
  • Old deserted factories along the tracks.
  • Cows grazing.
  • Horses roaming.
  • Traditional family homes.
  • A field full of teen soccer players who all waved at the train.
Tired now! Good to be here. My heart fluttered a little, hoping Punch was doing ok on her first full day of sleepaway camp. I sent some prayers and love over my shoulder, back toward camp as the train zoomed to Vermont. And then one of the directors emailed me w a horseback riding question and mentioned that Punch is settling in nicely. Yay!

Good night to you.


  1. Yesterday’s comment lost - I loved the Parent Trap! Sorry about Penn, but ride sounds peaceful and so glad you got reassurance from to enjoy yourself!

  2. so glad you arrived safe. yikes on the attempted robbery, wow on the long train ride (but I know how those things can be oddly soothing and simultaneously productive, but 9 hours, yikes again), and big yay re: Punch reassurance. Have a fabulous time!