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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Checklist 

  • Wash face w Aerin rose cleanser in tube, from Sis.
  • Apply SPF serum to face.
  • Go to Mass. Light a candle. Kneel and pray before Mary statue and say a quick prayer in front of Mary grotto outside.
  • Muster up a smile for Dan, Figgy and friends at church.
  • Buy lavender plant when stop at Kings for garbage bags.
  • Rake back garden, dig hole, insert lavender plant. Try not to look at rest of backyard, a shambles since big tree branch fell June 26. Garage and fence must be replaced. Branch crashed through both. Yard is absolute mess.
  • Haul weeds and dead brown leaves away.
  • Have company for dinner, our dear friends Celia, Greg and their son, Ben, who all took the bus from NYC. Slice huge, ripe Jersey tomato, smaller heirloom tomato and fresh mozzarella, drizzle w fresh lemon juice and olive oil, sprinkle w sea salt.
  • Do dishes.
  • Dump coffee grounds in garden.
  • Lie on couch in front of fan.
  • Look at long packing list for sleepaway camp, so it won’t all come as a shock. Punch returns from Mimi by Friday and leaves for 2 weeks at camp on Sunday.
  • Scoop up Sug and retreat to bedroom w A.C. to join Dan.

Good night to you.


  1. 2 weeks, Alice! Is this the first time? I know you'll miss her and I know it's a lot to get her to out the door, but 2 weeks! I am excited for you!!!! I would have traded my kingdom for a place to have my kids go for 2 weeks at that age!!!

  2. I keep blinders on when I look at my yard too -absolute shambles is the phrase. But you went out there! But I can’t go near it for fear of poison ivy, Peter sanded moldings this weekend...last tuition bill just came, no extras unrelated to moving back into that dang MBR. So yard, what yard?