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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Article Archive: This IS Brain Surgery

Kaliman, "El Hombre Increible," influenced a young boy
who had little money but big dreams.
Image from HERE.
I realized that I blogged about my hard work on this Neurology Now Magazine article--I was revising it when we were leaving Maine after Christmas, in the cold and snow--but didn't post the link here.

Meet Dr. Q, who went from migrant farm worker to high-profile brain surgeon. He has a great heart; I could tell from talking to him.

Here is the article LINK.

While working on it, I remembered some supersmart editors in my women's magazine career who would say This isn't brain surgery! if you had to revise a piece....but this really was about that topic. Kind of cool.

The magazine is renamed Brain & Life and I'm enjoying my two assignments for the late autumn issue now. Subscriptions are free.

Enjoy your day, or at least survive this beastly heat.

Signing off from Joyist, with nice A.C. and a Dina bowl by my side. Trying to keep Punchy busy here, too.


  1. O bless his heart, that is a GREAT story. From the comic book hero to the family ties to the migrant work, I loved Learning about Dr. Q. And he was recognized for his good heart and big brain and helped along the way! Something optimistic, just what I needed to get going today. Thanks, Alice!

  2. Great article and great story! Love, Lin

    1. Lin, Uncle Aldo....brain cancer....I do hope they find a cure. Losing him was losing a gift. Love Al

  3. Excellent story, Alice!

    1. Eileen, that means a lot coming from you. Thank you. Xo