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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Beauty Notes

Sis and I drove out to Long Island to visit our Uncle Jackie--the middle one of our mom's three younger brothers. He is nearly 90. I saw my mother in his face, his smile, his wit. When I see Uncle Jackie, I remember my mother, feel connected to her. He is smart and kind and funny.

Beauty Notes
  1. Yoga class first, at 9:45 a.m. A heavy rainstorm made music on the roof.
  2. Sis's little beauty lady, Buttercup, came with us on the trip. Such a good doggy.
  3. Funny memories Uncle Jackie shared of our grandmother, Alice, who was a character.
  4. Lovely garden, leisurely lunch and nice big mugs of coffee at our cousin's house, where Uncle J. lives with her family. 
  5. Majestic, historic Throgs Neck Bridge against evening sky.
  6. Sailboats bobbing on the water near City Island.
  7. Punchy finally spotted on the Camp Nyoda instagram account!!!!! xoxoxo, Punch
Good night to you.


  1. Glad u saw P! And love road trips with my oldest sister -was thinking of her this weekend when we rented a van and moved Will. She got a friend to drive me to DC in her car, loaded with clothes and a clock radio. We stayed with my aunt and uncle, now passed. But she came down most years, stayed with me, and we went to see them. My other sister is 6 years younger, but M and I just 370 days apart.
    Last point -love your appreciation of views out the winDow and coffee!

  2. love hearing from both of you about your sisters. I never made a road trip with mine...something to think about!