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Friday, August 10, 2018

Figgy & Florida Orange

I drove Fig, left, to Newark Airport for her flight to Florida to visit her cousin/our goddaughter, Florida Orange. When I texted to confirm she had landed, they texted this photo back.

They have been as thick as thieves since they were little girls. Figgy has been working so hard all summer w courses, work in the lab on campus and her weekend job at Montclair Stationery. She was really looking forward to this trip! She paid about $89 for one-way flight and F.O. paid the other way for a bday gift. 

I hope they have nice fun in the sun [but use sunscreen].

Good night to you. 

Below, the girls when our family visited Florida.


  1. I don’t know which photo I like better! Fun then, fun now. Hope she has a wonderful time.

  2. love that little girl photo!