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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Good Night, Cape Cod

Long, leisurely swim at about 4:30 in Great Pond w Punch and Nik. Water so refreshing. Cute Golden Retriever at edge of pond, near the marsh and reeds and flowers--the happy dog was swimming in and out a dozen times to fetch the stick [and the ball] the owner threw.

Joyful tots, in adorable swimsuits, squealing with delight as dads threw them up and down in the water. One determined little miss scooting back and forth on a mission w sand tools--the sturdy baby legs reminded me of cute young Fig at the beach, and how much I loved to hug her close, her cheek to mine.

Pasta for seven around the round table in the house. Dan playing the ukelele. Michael making salad. I set the table and Anne cooked the pasta and meat sauce. Punchy looked so happy to be in the midst of it all. She always does.

Good night! Xo


  1. Aaaw, swimming and families together and determined toddlers, and communal meals - these are a few of my favorite things. Brilliant idea for transitioning P From camp and travel to back with you. Fingers crossed for good weather!

  2. what a great scene you set! Happy times. I hear ya on the cozy time with a baby--I miss that. Just honestly starting to miss that a lot, which makes me think grandparenting will be very nice. Which will be forevah before it happens, so there's that!